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Return Plan

Dear Galion Alliance family:

Starting May 31, we plan to begin meeting again at the church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Our plan is to have identical worship services on Sundays at 9:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., and Wednesday prayer meetings at 7:00 p.m. Even though we will be sanitizing our building frequently and practicing physical distancing at every service, we know that some of us may not yet feel comfortable attending services – and that is perfectly understandable. We, therefore, hope to livestream the 10:30 service for those who choose to worship at home.

To help us better plan, we are asking you to send an email to with your reply letting us know how you plan to worship on Sundays, starting on May 31. If you plan to attend the 9:15 service, please reply “9:15.” If you plan to attend the 10:30 service, please reply “10:30.” And if you plan to worship with us at home via livestream, please reply “home.”

This is what you need to know about our Sunday morning worship services:

·      There will be no Sunday school, children’s church or staffed nursery to begin with.

·      The nursery and nursing room will be available for those who need to take their infants or toddlers out of the sanctuary. If more than one family is in these rooms at the same time, we ask that you practice physical distancing.

·      Neither gloves nor masks will be provided by the church; however, their use is welcomed for those who wish to wear their own.

·      Everyone will be asked to either use sanitizer or wash their hands with soap upon entering the building, maintaining physical distancing as much as possible. This may require waiting in line a couple minutes outside the bathrooms, if several people arrive at the same time.

·      Everyone will be asked to sit in designated rows with at least two chairs between non-family members.

·      There will be no paper bulletins or sermon outlines. The announcements and outline will be shown on the sanctuary screens and posted online. If you would like to take notes on the sermon, please bring your own paper and pen.

·      Neither offering plates nor communion trays will be passed during the services. Sanitary alternatives will be used for both.

·      We recommend you greet one another with waves and smiles, rather than physical contact.

·      Be especially attentive to your health. Sick persons should stay home.

This is what you need to know about Wednesday nights:

·      There will be no AYF or Kidz Klub to begin with.

·      Paper prayer lists will not be handed out, but will be emailed earlier on Wednesday and scrolled on the sanctuary screens during prayer.

·      Everyone will be asked to sit at least six feet away from non-family members.

·      We will not be dividing into small groups for prayer, but will pray as one large group spread throughout the sanctuary.

Our hope and prayer is that most of these restrictions will be lifted fairly soon, but we cannot be sure when that will be. Please continue to pray for wisdom and safety for everyone, and for healing for those who become ill. God is in control!


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